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Everyone Has a Buy Button – Here’s How To Find It Part Two

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In part one of Everyone Has A Buy Button I talked about Patrick Renreus and Christopher Morin book ‘Neuromarketing’ and how they tell us in that everyone has a buy button and the first thing a marketer has to do is to test for three things.

The first was to test for a pain, the second condition was to test for is the intensity of the pain and the third condition to test for is to find out how urgent buy buttonthe person is to get rid of the pain.

So having done that now we move on to the next step, and that next step is to differentiate your claims.  The key here is to make claims that eliminate the strongest pain that your prospect has.

That’s what we’ll and motivate them to join you in your business.

After that the next step is to demonstrate the claim your value proposition isn’t enough.  The old brain needs proof, so if the pain in his lack of cash and your claim is not your prospect can make extra cash in your opportunity then simply saying this is not enough you need to prove it.

Either through your results or by sharing them your uplines results, why?  Researchers have found that the old brain is especially resistant to adopting new ideas and behaviors.

Especially when making extra money is concerned and the only way to get over this is with tangible hard evidence.

Now here are four ways to do just that:

  1. Provide a vision, what is your vision of the future if your prospect joins you? This is perhaps the last one you want to try.
  2.  Showed data to prove your claim, for example join them sponsor two people, help them sponsor two and then they are sponsor to each you’ll be earning XYZ. This is getting better.
  3. You can get your prospect to one of your life events, perhaps a month to showcase the people in your company get a radical iced for achieving in the company’s marketing plan. This will work.
  4. Lastly you can go give the ultimate proof, show your income, your lifestyle, and show proof of your success. This is the winner.

If you have only just got started it’s best to get your prospect to one of your events, where they can see others being recognised for their achievement.  You could introduce your prospect to your success for offline as well.

The next step is to deliver to the old brain, remembering the formula, this is the most important factor in the equation.  So if you are going to take anything on board from this post then make it this step.

There are six message building blocks and seven message boosting blocks and I am going to go over the most important ones here, to get all of them your need to go and buy the book.

Building blog number one is the grabber, if you ever started off the presentation with who you are, with your background or an overview of your company then you will need to start over.  Remember to start with the fire start with the pain.

Building block number two is using pictures, the visual nerve Carries information 40 times faster than the auditory nerve.  Use of big picture is to tap into the old brain but lets clear up something right away here a PowerPoint slides with bullet points and text is not a visual aid.

In fact you to number one is wording, as it turns out for you and beings listen better when people talk to us by the rather than at us, why?  Because nobody cares about you take care about themselves, a study done at Yale University has shown that the most powerful combination of words in the English language are:

Thank you, would you please, what do you think, and I am proud of you.

Impact Booster Number Four Emotion, prospects forget how painful their problems are, re-enact their pain and make it personal.

Remember the formula:

Join Probability = Pain x Claim x Gain x (Old Brain)³

Find the pain, find out how intense the pain is, and then find out how urgent it is for your prospect to get rid of the pain and you’ll get more success in your business. It’s well worth buying the book as I can’t really get the points across as well as those two experts.

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