Mike Ruffles


I'm Mike Ruffles.

Hello, I’m the author of Getting Away as told by Mitzie Ruffles and Clarity for Success. I’m a Junk Rig Yachty and Full Time Live Aboard, builder of Ruffles Spray, a steel Sailing Yacht.


Mike Ruffles grew up in Germany completed a toolmaker apprenticeship then served in the Royal Armoured Corps in a Tank Regiment. After leaving he joined a company in Bristol as a project engineer. Never happy with the 9 to 5 routine he decided to get away from it all, leave the nine-to-five routine behind, and head to the Mediterranean to relax in the sun.  Getting Away as told by Mitzie Ruffles, takes you on a journey of sea, salt, adventure, sunshine and pure terror.

Getting Away is the first book in a trilogy describing the plan to get away to the Mediterranean and meander around on a sailing yacht in the sun. With no sailing knowledge, no yacht, no money to support ourselves, and all our family and friends believed we were stark raving mad. The trilogy takes the reader through thirty years of sweat, tears, laughter, of adventure, sunshine, sea, salt, and often pure terror. Sometimes mildly annoying in a limited specific way.

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